Griffith Veterinary Hospital

PH: 69623142

16 Donaldson Street, Griffith

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide our clients “peace of mind” in regards to the health needs of their loved pet. We will provide our clients with services and products that allow them to maintain their pet’s health and vitality.


We will do this by ensuring our team is up-to-date through having all the latest treatment options available in veterinary medicine and speak “Plain English” to ensure that clients fully understand our solutions.


When we are unable to provide a service we will source a specialist in the field to provide the service our client needs.


These services will be offered from our modern comfortable facilities which will have all the equipment required to perform to the best of our ability and to ensure the comfort of the pets under our care at all times.


In regards to our team we will provide them with a fun, safe and reliable work environment. We will consistently improve our team with constant ongoing training and disciplines to ensure that we continue to grow and improve. We will provide all the necessary support and equipment to allow our team to perform their duties to a level of excellence.


We will love all pets as much as our clients do!


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