Meekoo & Heidi

An urgent donation
Meekoo & Heidi

From Heidi, with love.

Last month brave little Meekoo found herself in urgent need of a blood transfusion. Luckily, Heidi came to the rescue! The transfusion was a success and after a few days of careful monitoring Meekoo returned home to her loving family. As a special thank-you for her generous donation, Meekoo's beautiful owners gave Heidi (and us) some sweet goodies!

Blood donation is an incredible act, but is somewhat less known and celebrated when it comes to canines. Dogs can require blood transfusions in a variety of emergency situations, including poisoning or surgical cases. Additionally, blood can only be held for two weeks, so donors are constantly needed.
Healthy dogs weighing between 25 - 70kg and aged between 1 - 7 years old are eligible to donate blood, and are handsomely rewarded with a goody-basket for their bravery! Dogs like Heidi regularly save lives in our community, but they can only help so many. If your pup fits the donation criteria, please consider nominating them as a donor.
Give us a call on (02) 69 623 142 to inquire about doggy blood donation.