In Loving Memory Of

We would like to give our clients the opportunity to share their pictures and memories of their dearly departed pets. We all know too well the pain of losing a beloved pet, but we also know how important it is to share and cherish our memories so they never fade. We would like to help you honor your beloved pet that has passed over the rainbow  bridge with the launch of our ‘In loving memory of’ webpage. Where our clients can provide us with a short story and picture of their beloved pet. Should you wish for your beloved pet to be featured on our page; kindly email  us on [email protected] with what you wish to share about your dearly departed pet. Perhaps a picture, short story, favourite pastime, favourite food or even a special nickname. In loving memories of your beautiful pets.

-In loving Memory of Holly- 26/08/2008-26/04/2017Holly

Our Dearest Holly, Thank you for being such a amazing companion and enriching our lives with your joyous presence. We miss you terribly and think about you every day. Thank you for being so patient and donating blood  to save so many lives during your lifetime. You really were a life saver  -All our


your family at the Griffith Vets-