Brave Pets

Hit by a car, and lived to tell the tale!
Miss Kitty's Exploratory laparotomy
King's tasty meal led to surgery
Bruce's brave spleen removal surgery
Dusty was suffering from paraphimosis
Tammy is a pyometra survivor
Poppy's subtotal pinnectomy - ear removal
Tank has immune-mediated hemolytic anaemia (IMHA)
Pretzel had lots of pus
Maggie ate a snail bait
Koby had 11 stones
Chocco was vomiting for almost two years
Buddy had Gallbladder mucocele
It was a tick-venture for Miss Snow White
Libbi had to undergo Episioplasty
Gastrostomy- Unchewed chunks of boned steak removal
Severe corneal ulcer and pus
Infected polyps on ear removal