Pup with pancreatic pain

Meet Milo! Milo cheekily helped himself to some beef trimmings, and soon after started showing signs of abdominal pain and nausea.

His family rushed him in to see our team and a quick test was run. The test revealed high levels of pancreatic enzymes in his blood, indicating Milo was suffering from pancreatitis.
The pancreas is a very important organ that produces digestive enzymes and insulin. These enzymes usually remain inactive until they reach the small intestine, but can be activated too early if the pancreas becomes inflamed. This leads to the pancreas itself being digested, causing serious damage to both the pancreas and surrounding organs. Pancreatitis commonly occurs after pets eat fatty food, and can be life threatening if not treated immediately.
Milo was immediately put on aggressive fluid therapy and treatment. After a several days of hospitalization, Milo's pancreatic enzyme levels came down significantly, which was a wonderful sign for our GVH team! Milo is thankfully feeling much better, and is now on a strict low-fat diet to help prevent the recurrence of pancreatitis.