Our Team

Mark Sayer

Mark Sayer

Practice Owner

I graduated from Sydney University in 1983. After working in clinics around Sydney, I moved to Wagga and opened Berry Street Veterinary Hospital and Junee Vet Clinic. During the next 18 years, I and a small handful of dedicated nurses worked the two practices, including making weekly visits to outlying towns in order to see animals far away from vet hospitals.

I now work at our numerous vet hospitals now, Kooringal Vet Hospital, Junee Vet Hospital, Federation Vet Hospital in Corowa, Henty Veterinary rooms, Cooper St Veterinary Hospital in Cootamundra and Griffith Vet Hospital.


Nicole Debaecker

Registered Veterinary Nurse & Practice Manager

I have been working with Dr Mark Sayer for the last 16 years and every moment within the job has been amazing! Working in Mark's team has been full of wonderful memories and experiences. I have worked in all of our clinics over the duration of my employment, firstly in Wagga, then managing Corowa and now in Griffith. I am pleased to be back in my home town again after leaving about 11 years ago, and it's so nice to be close to family and old friends.

Belle Liang

Belle Liang

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Dr. Belle Liang graduated from University Sydney in 2019 before joining our Vet family.

Dr Belle lived in California, Taipei, and Shanghai as a kid before returning to California for undergrad. After finishing her undergrad degree she decided to make the big move to Australia for vet school. A global citizen in a true sense. Dr Belle has a particular interest in veterinary dentistry and preventative medicine.

During time off, she enjoys doing different art stuff from drawing to crocheting. She also likes trying new brunch places with friends as well!


Samantha Blomeley

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Hi I’m Sam!

I have lived in Griffith all my life. Growing up I had a large array of pets on our farm. From Rabbits, Guineapigs, Chooks and Parrots to Cats, Dogs and Horses. I even bread Alpacas as pets/heard guards! I developed a great passion for animals early on. Currently I have a Staffy called Hunter, a Toy Poodle called Monte, a Ragdoll cross called Panther, a few chooks and ducks and a Galah called Aussie.


Tatendashe Musiiwa


Hello, I'm Tee! I am a proud Zimbabwean who graduated from The University of Zimbabwe with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc). Thereafter I mainly practiced small animal medicine with a bit of large animals work at various clinics.



Veterinary Nurse (Studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Hi I'm Maria,

I am originally from Ireland and made the big move to the land down under in 2014. One of my favourite things about Australia is the amazing wildlife here. I'm very lucky to be working in an industry where I get to work hands on with some of these beautiful animals.

Back home in Ireland, I studied animal care and from there I went on to become a zookeeper at a reptile zoo. I love working with all types of animals, even spiders. I find them fascinating!

I currently share a house with my cat Jay and my dog Riss who's a Wolfhound X.

Megan Profile

Megan Gibbs

Veterinary Nurse

Hi there!

My name is Megan, also known as Skippy or baby vet nurse (by VN). I am the baby of the clinic and have completed my certificate 4 in vet nursing.

Animals are and always will be a huge passion of mine, I currently own:

Maz (Saint Bernard X Mastiff), Robbie (Maltese X), Erice (Major Mitchell cockatoo), Pauley (Rainbow Lorikeet) and Smidge (Mini Lop Rabbit).

Samantha M

Samantha McGuirk

Veterinary Nurse

Hi! I’m known as Sammy M. I have recently joined the wonderful and compassionate team here at the Griffith Veterinary Hospital, after returning to Veterinary Nursing after a long break. I love all aspects of Veterinary Nursing, as every day is so different to the next.



Clinic Dog & Food Critic

Hey! I'm Heidi, the Big Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog at the clinic.

I've been told I have big shoes to fill with Holly being my predecessor. She was a very special Berner from what I hear, and loved by absolutely everyone!

I'm still a bit of a puppy, but if you can believe it I weigh over 48kg already!


Calli Cat

Clinic Cat & Front Office Manager (Diploma of Purrfect Cat)

For those that haven't met me yet, I am Calli, the Beautiful Bengal that owns the staff at and resides in the Griffith Veterinary Hospital. I am of firm belief that the people here in blue & purple could not possibly cope without my antics, so I make it my solemn duty to carry out as much chaos as possible. You will often find me curled up on the printer, on my throne four poster bed on the back bench of the clinic, or on the front desk showing off. If you would like to read more about me, catch my blogs on Facebook and on our webpage under Calli's Corner.



Hey there, I'm Monkey!

I am a cheeky 5-year-old Pomeranian X and I belong to Mark and Jaimie Sayer. I might only be little, but I'm the BOSS.

I love visiting all of the different practices that are a part of our Australian Vet Hospitals, especially when everyone makes a fuss over me. I also LOVE car rides with my dad Mark, and he always jokes with the staff that I get the next shift to drive. I love spending time with my mum too, we love to snuggle up in bed together and I often steal dad's spot so I can have her all to myself!


Gary (A.K.A "Gazman")

Clinic Cat & Hair Model

Hi there, my name is Gary. I'm the OTHER clinic cat.

I am a black-and-white long haired Moggie who was homeless until the Griffith staff decided to give me a special home at the clinic.

I love living here at the clinic, being spoiled with lots of love and yummy food. My favourite things to do are roll in the dirt, sleep on my favourite pillow and cuddle up on the staff room couch. I also like to give my friend Calli a hard time because I'm very cheeky!